Snaefellsnes Peninsula

Snaefellsnes Peninsula

The Snaefellsness Peninsula is the jewel of West Iceland, a region that requires more than a single day of exploration. A lifetime, perhaps, might do it justice.

The drive from Reyjavik is straightforward, Route 1 north, beneath bluffs and through an intimidatingly long tunnel beneath the Hvalfjordur (fjord) and then across a bridge at Borgafjordur to the little town of Bogarnes. There is a long, fairly desolate stretch until the mystery starts unfolding near the village, such as it is, of Vegamot.

On the northern flank of the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, from Route 58 about a mile from the town of Stykkisholmur.

Overlooking the town of Stykkishomur. This is taken from a hill used for a searchlight. At the suggestion of the Lonely Planet guidebook, we tried lunch at Narfeyrarstofa in the center of town It's a modern, lovely room, decorated with old-timey photos. The main  lunch menu is beautiful, pricey and far more sophisticated than you'd expect in the small maritime town; ask for the burger menu, and they will oblige. It's the deserts, though, that dominate this quality restaurant. The.Best.Chocolate.Cake.Ever/

Route 54 is a sea-side loop around the Peninsula. Striking west of Stykkisholmur, the road is flanked on the left by hints of the Sanefellsjokull glaciar and on the right by the ocean.

Looking north toward the sea from Grundarfjordur.

Lava field, on Route 54 toward Grundarfjordur.