Friday, July 29, 2011

This church located along coastal Route 34, east of Porlakshofn,  is very similar architecturally to what one sees throughout the country. Iceland is predominantly Lutheran, with some 79 percent of the population evidently belonging to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland.

And then there is this, the Hallgrimskirkja behemoth in the center of Reyjavik. The church was constructed over 34 years, being completed in 1974. The concrete building is a stylistic homage to the volcanic foundation of Iceland. The imagery impresses itself: upthrust through the quasi-basalt columns comes the tower of human spirit. Unseen here is the front door whose vivid red color seems to represent molten lava, the red-hot stuff that only later cools to monumental stature.

In front is a statue, presented by the United States government in 1930, of explorer Leif Erikson. This presentation was upon the 1000th anniversary of the Alping, the Viking's inaugural parliament.

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